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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Karz ya Rin se kaise bachen

ऋणों से मुक्ति के लिए क्या करें पितृ पक्ष में | मातृ ऋण,  पितृ ऋण और देव ऋण
इन 3 ऋणों से उऋण होने के लिए ही वस्तुतः हमको जन्म-जन्मान्तरों से भटकना पड़ रहा है | पता नहीं इस का अंत कब होगा | इस छोटे से video में मैंने इन 3 तथाकथित ऋणों से छुटकारा पाने का एक सरल, घरेलू परन्तु उतना ही अधिक प्रभावशाली उपाय दिया है | करें और जन्म-जन्मान्तरों के ऋणों के अधिभार से मुक्ति पायें |

►एक और video भी दिया है इसके समानांतर | वह भी कृपया लिंक से देख सकते हैं :

►Gopal Raju Motivational Videos in Hindi Does not mean mere Mantra, Tantra, Tone, Totke, Astrology etc. My Motive is to motivate dishearten, depressed & misguided mass. For this I do my every effort to use number of methods of occult sciences on logical footings . I always try to keep in touch with nature, and its laws. Always keep this also  in mind that knowingly or unknowingly birds, animals, creatures, vegetation etc. never suffer, hurt or disturb for the sake of our own interest.
Always try to provide variety in my videos which are blended with knowledge, motivational thoughts, light music and entertainment as well.

►For such many more clicks, articles on occult, nature and spiritual etc. subjects please keep on watching Gopal Raju at You Tube.

► My Channel, “Gopal Raju Motivational Videos”

►Gopal Raju Motivational videos never claim for 100 % sure shot results. We believe in karma. Please  use own brain and intellect also for adopting or performing  any upay, puja or totka etc since we are not responsible for any damage, loss etc. Our things are absolutely satvik and not for damaging, disturbing or causing any adverse results.      

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Good luck
Gopal Raju
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