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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

kundalini jagran in hindi - how to awaken kundalini shakti in hindi - sp...

Aham Brahmasmi - Only Me, Me and Nothing But Me

Aham Brahmasmi, kundalini meditation, kundalini yoga, kundalini jagran, planning to start online yoga classes, in search of kundalini yoga teacher training, yoga for beginners online, how to kundalini jagran, meditation, occult, mysticism  in hindi and  such many more subjects which are now under process and would shortly be presented in gopal raju motivational videos in hindi and in such a simple way so that even a lay men may also follow and adopt in their routine life easily.

occult, spiritualism, mysticism etc are superstitions or logical ?
for logical answer about how? when ? where ? why ? true or false? 
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